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London, 2010

Threat: Someone's Always Watching

London is a city with a huge, dense population, filled with cameras & informants – police, media, tourists, and ever-vigilant supernaturals.

Theme: Everything's in Reach, Nothing's in Grasp

London is a global center of trade and travel with an imperial history. Everything in the world can be found in the city at one point or another. But for most, these are fleeting glimpses, as the city moves too fast – and costs too much – to actually grasp what you're reaching for. It's a city of huge contrasts and sharp divides.

Theme: Desperate for a Deal

In London, 2010 is the peak of the financial crisis: money is contracting, jobs are vaporizing, debts are getting called. Everybody's hurting. Everybody needs something – and they're willing to overlook anything shady or bizarre if they're given an offer, and just about any offer will ease some part of their struggle.


The Status Quo

London is an enormous, diverse global center at the peak of financial crisis. As even the strongest markets stall, more are pushed out into the great majority of the city's middle and lower classes (in ever more constrained situations themselves), who are trying to scrape by in the boroughs outside the glamor. The city blends stagnant traditions and a generally polite, eyes down attitude with the latest and greatest technology, and large populations of immigrants from around the world. The society is generally conservative, and has been increasingly concerned with security against crime and terrorism over the last 30 years. Under the pressures of the recession, people are more insular and suspicious, but also more creative and daring in their efforts to make a break.

In many of the same ways, the supernatural community is shaped by the towering but aloof occult dynasties: all the major Factions are represented in the city, trying to tug at their global interests. But these are the few – the 1% who may control the city's (and the world's) broad strokes, but entirely ignore the "teeming masses" that live in the city's cracks and shadows. There is a huge, diverse, and increasingly unaffiliated population of supernaturals who are almost entirely ignored – until they happen to cause trouble. In addition, London has an unusually large number of Ways – many of which are merely "crossroads", and many others are small pocket demenses, but the most curious of which are related to the mysterious, sealed-off realm of Avalon.


Supernatural London

The local people and organizations with an impact on the supernatural community will be collected here.

To start with is Doroth Academy: a small, private boarding school for teenagers with supernatural talents. Rivals with St Brutus school.

Bits and PCs: a computer repair shop run by a muster of gremlins

Sacred Grounds: a quaint coffee shop frequently by a lot of minor talents in the community.

Wicked Herb: a Wiccan herbalist shop, which may, probably, almost definitely be connected o the drug market.

Charlotte's Guest House: a hostel exclusively for supernatural individuals.

The London werewolf packs bring the sparse werewolves across the city together to share resources and work together… in theory.

Holborn College is one of many university campuses in London, but, being closest, it's students are hired as "tutors" at the Doroth Academy.  

The Natural History Museum of London is the heart and foundation of the wizard research group, The Children of Gaea.

The Bishopry Astrum Britannia is an ancient amd secretive order of minor practitioners seeking to unlock Avalon.


Being Magic 101

Here is the broad overview information about the supernatural community, including write-ups of the major Factions – the nations, organizations, and powerful individuals which wield significant supernatural power. [Note: not every type or race of supernatural being constitutes a large enough group to be considered on this list.]

Furthermore, an introduction to the Unseelie Accords can be found here, as a brief explanation of the rules and norms governing "official" interactions of the supernatural community, and what it means to be an outsider.

Finally, the nature of the Nevernever deserves some discussion, as the spiritual realms do have a powerful if esoteric influence on earthly affairs.

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