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Magic can't stay hidden for long


Alongside humanity has always existed powers harnessed by a few, creatures very like us, and parallel worlds of wonder and fear, built on different truths. Power is an expression of belief; the real distance between things is their conceptual and emotional relationship; that life itself is a form of energy – and it can be harnessed, or fed upon. Those whose lives are touched by the supernatural live right beside us, hiding in plain sight, but their lives are shaped by different struggles and dreams. They are cautious about how they use magic, kept in check by larger powers, and fearful of renewed witch hunts. Few stumble into these lives of magic – and even fewer do so on the terms they would want. 

But the world is changing now faster than it ever has before. In some places, almost every person carries a video recorder and an internet connection in their pocket; the hunger of the 24-hour news cycle drives people further into the dark corners than ever before, hoping to get the next big scoop; global terrorism has caused most nations to spy on their own people – looking for hidden threats from people with double lives that look just like everyone else. At the same time these technologies leap forward, the number of supernatural beings just keeps growing, and in ever denser population centers, more and more people have a glimpse with the unknown.

The gaps are widening. The stakes are growing. And the old methods of keeping it in check are failing. It's just a matter of when… and how.


The Exposure is a long-term chronicle for the Dresden Files RPG system in which the driving central conflict is the inevitable revelation of magic and the supernatural to the world at large. The first part of our story will delve into the personal and political turmoil of a supernatural society with ever growing cracks and pressures, and the clandestine schemes of those who see the exposure coming and seek to stop or control it. After slowly building up to this tipping point, part two will see the rapid changes and vast consequences of this event, and the beginnings of a new era.

Our story will take place in London 2010, centered on a group of characters who have recently come into their power, and have found shelter in one of the few refuges available to those falling through the cracks. In the shadows of secret occult societies, ancient conspiracies, and antiquated traditions; in and among the teeming cosmopolitan crowds of one of the world's major crossroads and all the moments of magic concealed within… Our characters are not merely positioned to witness the consequences of changes great and small during this tumultuous period – their actions are destined to be at the epicenter of events which will define the next epoch… and every faction and agenda can see them in the portents of what is to come.


"Character is who you are in the dark. In this social media age, where we're practically being blinded from being in the light, it's easy to forget that character, integrity, honesty… these are the things are the things that matter most, and always have."

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