Free-Holding Lord


Monoc Securities: a private international security contractor, based out of Denmark. The sell their services as supernatural and paramilitary mercenaries globally to both mundane and magical clients.

Vlad Tepes ("Dracula"): the former monarch of the now dissolved "Black Court" of undead. He still maintains great personal power and the loyalty of a large Scourge, so has retained status as a Free-Holding Lord (though some would call this a demotion from king of an Accorded nation).

Baba Yaga: the matriarchal hag of the Rus. <meta />She purportedly is (or once was) related to or aligned with two others – by rumor the matriarchal hags of the Baltic (Giltine) and Scandinavia (Angrboda); each are called ‘the mother of hags’ in their respective territories, and could represent the same being, or just the oldest or most powerful of their kind.

La Madremonte: the matriarchal hag of the Columbian forests.

Emma Hawthorne: chairwoman on the Massechusetts Historic Preservation Society.

Emera Franka: the Mother Superior of the Basilica of Saint Ursula.

Romuva: the traditional pagan religion of Lithuania, acting as representatives of their pantheon in the Baltic.

Morta Audra Zemyna: the Catholic Plague-Witch. She's best known for recently publishing a treatise on how to reform warlocks.


Former Lords

<meta />Ayse Hafsa Sultan: the first “Queen Mother” of the Ottoman Empire. She was the effective regent of the Ottoman Empire at its height in 1520, ruling through her husband, Selim I, and then son, Suleiman the Magnificent. She was a powerful sorceress and master illusionist. She’s remembered as a beloved queen and an admirable woman, who reformed the tradition of royal inheritance. Others, however, claim that this led to a succession of weak-willed rulers which resulted in the empire’s decline. There had always been rumors that she was mad, deceitful, and bloodthirsty, but remained beloved by most.

Some historians claim to have evidence that Ayse Hafsa Sultan was another pseudonym for Tamamo-no-Mae, the Fox-Wife of Japanese legend which was responsible for the reigns of terror and chaos in five other dynasties in China, India, and Japan as queens Daji, Kayo, Baosi, Wu Zetian, and Mizukume – many of which were also registered Free-Holding Lords.


Harbinger: The alpha of a pack of werewolves in southern France, the "Sons of Aragon", which claim lineage (or loyalty) to King Alfonso II of Aragon, and to be the protectors of the fallen kingdom against mortal and supernatural threats. These claims aren’t considered credible. Harbinger was able to earn recognition as a Free-Holding Lord in 1797, during a campaign of political assassinations which disrupted the mortal government.


The Ghost and the Darkness: a pair of werelion brother-kings which lorded over Tsavo, Kenya in the late nineteenth century. Their fame came from their violent opposition against British colonization of their territory, but they had a several decade reign of great renown over some of the most spiritually powerful sites in East Africa. 

Free-Holding Lord

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