The supernatural nations are those governments recognized by the Accords as having world-wide authority over all members of a particular race of supernatural being.


The High Council of Wizardry: the nation of wizards, which claims all mortal practitioners of magic under their protection.

The Dark Aristocracy: the nation of vampires; an ancient hierarchy, organized like a feudal state. Arguably the most powerful and stable supernatural faction in Europe for the last thousand years. Also referred to as "the Red Court".

The Eldryn Families: the nation of eldryn, a mortal race that feeds on and manipulates emotions. They are interwoven into human business and politics, and usually a neutral party willing to mediate for other Accorded factions. They are governed by an alliance of 'Families' which specialize into particular emotions and particular aspects of human society. Also referred to as "the White Court".

The Summer Court of Faerie: the nation of fae which champion the ideals of growth, community, beauty, passion, and cooperation. Also referred to as "the Seelie".

The Winter Court of Faerie: the nation of fae which subscribe to the philosophy that conflict, hardship, scarcity, and adversity foster strength. Also referred to as "the Unseelie".


Free-Holding Lords

Individuals and organizations which wield enough power and influence to be considered "city-states" in supernatural society. They, too, are recognized by the Accords, and as such, have rights and protections in global supernatural politics on similar footing to the nations above. Being acknowledged as a Free-Holding Lord requires the signatures of agreement of no less than three other Accorded members (either nations or lords) – a bar which implies the degree of power and negotiation expected of the Lords. Below are some of the "bigger names", but more examples of current and former Lords can be found Here.


Monoc Securities: a private international security contractor, based out of Denmark. They sell their services as supernatural and paramilitary mercenaries globally to both mundane and magical clients.

Romuva: the traditional pagan religion of Lithuania, acting as representatives of their pantheon in the Baltic.

Morta Audra Zemyna: the Catholic Plague-Witch. She's best known for recently publishing a treatise on the best practices for reforming warlocks.



Wide-spread or well-known groups, but ones with very limited influence in international affairs, and no official recognition – neither as Accorded groups nor as affiliated with a particular faction.


The Paranet: an informal resource network which shares information, resources, and aide, especially to those overlooked by traditional supernatural society.

The Starsong Writers: a hobbyist clique of various artists who happen to be supernatural, and who infamously flaunt the Masquerade by publishing actual supernatural knowledge and references in mundane human society and art.

The Fellowship of St Giles: a syndicate of mortals who have been twisted or harmed by the supernatural – most prominently the former thralls of the Red Court vampires. They offer salvation and revenge by teaching control and carrying out insurgency-style attacks against various supernatural factions.

Carolingian Order of Benedictus: an occult order within the Catholic Church which studies exorcism, alchemy, and other esoteric arts. They protect holy artifacts and mortal humans from any kind of threat. 


The Scourge: a coalition of various undead beings which could never pass as human – ghouls, revenants, zombies, ect. These races once belonged to a nation known as the Black Court, which was destroyed in the late nineteenth century. Some remnant groups remain, but are widely hunted.

The Wyldefae: outside of the Sidhe Courts, some fae live primeval lives in the wilderness of Faerie and its borderlands. Some small groups and clans exist among them, but are of minor influence, even in Arcadia. Rarely are they seen on Earth, although the Wild Hunt is one of their best known excursions to the mortal world.


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