The Exposure

Sins of the Past

Drama Drama Drama

First Lecture: the Laws of Magic

To fully emphasize the Laws of Magic, Tesla invited a guest speaker to fully explain the dangerous and the consequences: Morta, a Free-Holding Lord who was personally victimized by all seven Laws, and who frequently hunted warlocks on behalf of The High Council of Wizardry.


Tutorship Program

As part of their placement tests into appropriate academic and magical education for their level, the students were asked to mentor each other, allowing those struggling in a particular area to get coaching – either from someone with a talent for it, or who've struggled with it in the past.


Past Life – Present Influence

Lucytte heard back from contacts on the Paranet about a former acquaintance of Simone's who may be able to answer questions about Tessa's past and the forces at war in her soul. They arranged a meeting at Charlotte's Guest House, but got far more than they ever expected; the didn't meet with a casual acquaintance of the necromancer, but [[:greta | her childhood friend]].


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