The Exposure

A Much Needed Get-Away

and the terrorists that ruin it

To alleviate the tensions (and to clear the school for the final stages of renovation), Tesla takes the kids on a vacation to the French coast. Her mistake was allowing each of them to bring a "plus one". In the middle of the three-hour train ride, Buddy's tag-along friends (two gremlins in a coat) decide they want to see how the train works – which of course would mean taking it apart. The kids leapt in to intercept, temporarily disabling the train (and kicking Tesla in the head!), but kept everything from being destroyed while they were in an underwater tunnel!


Finally able to enjoy the beach, Tyler and Hans competed against local shape-shifters in a parkour race, while Tessa and Conrad got cozy exploring the coves. … Then everything changed when the murlocks attacked. With egregious use of fate magic, technology hexing, and dust storms, the kids were free to cut loose against the fish monsters and save those they had taken hostage.


seraphkitty seraphkitty

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