The Exposure

Sins of the Past
Drama Drama Drama

First Lecture: the Laws of Magic

To fully emphasize the Laws of Magic, Tesla invited a guest speaker to fully explain the dangerous and the consequences: Morta Gladstone, a Free-Holding Lord who was personally victimized by all seven Laws, and who frequently hunted warlocks on behalf of The High Council of Wizardry.


Tutorship Program

As part of their placement tests into appropriate academic and magical education for their level, the students were asked to mentor each other, allowing those struggling in a particular area to get coaching – either from someone with a talent for it, or who've struggled with it in the past.


Past Life – Present Influence

Lucytte heard back from contacts on the Paranet about a former acquaintance of Simone's who may be able to answer questions about Tessa's past and the forces at war in her soul. They arranged a meeting at Charlotte's Guest House, but got far more than they ever expected; the didn't meet with a casual acquaintance of the necromancer, but her childhood friend.

Scions of the High Council
or "The Day We Finally Became a School"

By mid-August, the repairs on the school are finally finished (and it finally got  named!), just in time for all of the other students to arrive. In the chaos of moving day and orientation, our kids (already being familiar with the school) were tasked with greeting the newcomers and assisting in orientation – giving them a clear glimpse at who'd they be sharing these halls with for the next several years.

To celebrate, the group went out clubbing, joined by many of the new students, eager to see "the interesting parts" of London. They were soon lured into parts far more interesting than intended – when a White Court eldryn invited them to the highly exclusive "Club Midnight". Although he had failed to lure Tessa as intended, her cousins, "the Heidenreich Twins" were eager to flirt with danger.

To protect her cousins, Lucytte , along with Tyler , followed them to the club, and got to experience a true supernatural nightclub. Sheltered in a small Nevernever demesne, imbued with the resonance of desire and lowered inhibitions, the local supernaturals could truly relax and indulge – whatever their nature. They escaped the club without becoming food – although Tyler learned about the potency of faerie wine, while Lucytte was enraptured by the flow of magic like a finely arranged concert…

A Much Needed Get-Away
and the terrorists that ruin it

To alleviate the tensions (and to clear the school for the final stages of renovation), Tesla takes the kids on a vacation to the French coast. Her mistake was allowing each of them to bring a "plus one". In the middle of the three-hour train ride, Buddy's tag-along friends (two gremlins in a coat) decide they want to see how the train works – which of course would mean taking it apart. The kids leapt in to intercept, temporarily disabling the train (and kicking Tesla in the head!), but kept everything from being destroyed while they were in an underwater tunnel!


Finally able to enjoy the beach, Tyler and Hans competed against local shape-shifters in a parkour race, while Tessa and Conrad got cozy exploring the coves. … Then everything changed when the murlocks attacked. With egregious use of fate magic, technology hexing, and dust storms, the kids were free to cut loose against the fish monsters and save those they had taken hostage.

If the Cure Doesn't Kill You
Or "The Day I Got to Forget the Phantom Menace"

Days before the full moon, a biomancy specialist arrives at the school to cure Tessa before she's turned into a werewolf! The whole class is put to task on a group project to assist with the ritual: find someplace exact opposite of the Full Moon, get the blood of the werewolf who infected her, and bring a pound of silver!

After a very awkward negotiation, where Tessa had to give her number so that Conrad could "make sure she didn't enslave him"; the young coven invaded a Star War's themed gaming store to secure their ritual space. What? It definitely wasn't a moon. The ordinarily expensive back room was rented out on Lucy's promise to make business boom. Meanwhile, Tessa devised a nasty curse to occupy the clerk, while Tyler stole the store's prized silver X-Wing, Maraiah chatted up a fanboy of an anime based on her, and Sonya distracted the customers with an irresistible session of a Star Wars tabletop adventure . . . Unfortunately, the spell to keep anyone from noticing the statue was missing went wild, and everyone forgot what Star Wars was!

When Blakenship arrived, he put the coven to work on one of the worst rituals they'd ever heard of. Not being much of a spirit mage, he set Sonya to work aligning their ritual space to the Gloom, so that he could form a shield against the full moon. Maraiah became his key assistant in the antidote-delivery and follow-up healing ritual. And Tessa . . . Tessa was injected with silver to literally burn out the parts of her which were already infected. With every organ partially immolated, it took serious regeneration spells to save her life, and she'll probably be on the mend for a while.

In the wake of the ritual, Buddy seemed to consume all the death-empowered energy in the room – a disturbing appetite which briefly caused his human form to become terrifyingly wrong. At least it stopped a game store from becoming a portal to the Underworld. . ?

The damage done to the store and its prized statue melted, and the gamer community having devolved into a riot after forgetting Star Wars, all mean that Lucy will have her work cut out for her if she wants to keep her promises.


Over the following day, Lucy parlayed with the werewolves to reschedule Tessa's meeting so that she could have time to recover – and learned that they're really after someone who can stop or control the cycle of the full moon. But without being able to harvest that mystic cycle, Tessa's hunger is catching up to her. Maraiah offered a midnight run to the campus to fetch her backup supplies, but London is mid-blizzard tonight, and she might not be in it alone . . .

Being Magic 101
The proper etiquette for tea

The school year kicks off with an important introduction to the basics… that really should have come sooner.

Introduction to the Supernatural Community

The school's first magical instructor - a vampire(!) - gave our students a lecture on the basics of the supernatural community: the Accords, the Nevernever, and some of the major Factions. At Lucy's prompt, Miss Ebony gave them some advice she wished she knew at their age: that many Factions will break the laws and then hang their people out to dry, that everyone will take advantage of your ignorance, and that having a formal guest means making sure their comfortable – regardless how distasteful that may be. The Ebner sisters also heard in part what kind of bad reputation their family has…


Sex Ed

The school also had its very awkward lecture on sexual health, disease, protection, and consent, given by a rather perplexed Australian muggle. With the hard part out of the way Miss Tesla provided some supernatural commentary (like that therianthropesy can be sexually transmitted, and vampires can't separate lust from bloodlust), as well as gave the announcement about how fraternization between students was to be treated: learning emotional discipline is the most crucial thing for spell-casters, so sex at school is forbidden.


Field Trip: the Natural History Museum

The class's first field trip was both more boring than they hoped, and more exciting than they wanted. They went to the British Museum of natural History, where an Order of The High Council of Wizardry supposedly operates. They didn't get any cool lessons on magic, but did stumble across a Way into the Nevernever! The public ice skating rink at the can apparently send you to a frozen lake if you skate in the right patterns. Tessa was able to open a Way back, using items Buddy stole from the gift shop, but it was an alarming experience for everyone. The group barely got to make introductions with [[:hubert | Hubert Dascomb]] of The Children of Gaea – but next time, they might get to see some of the good stuff.

Making Friends
whether they know it or not

Tessa, feeling the pull of the moon and getting anxious to find a new way of 'feeding', pressed Tyler into helping her track down a local werewolf pack, only a couple of days before the full moon! When they arrived, some kind of fight club was underway, and both of them soon made their mark. When brought before the alpha(s?), Tessa tried to negotiate some kind of mutual deal; intrigued, they told her to come back on the full moon, to show off what she could do.

Back at school, Lucy and Maraiah got to know each other better by accidentally sharing a soul gaze! In response, Lucy offered to help with Maraiah's goals in exchange for a future favor. When Maraiah learned that promise was magically binding, she flipped her shit a little.

Everyone being dragged to Tesla's office by the end of the night to sort out all the drama that had happened, their den mother realized some important introductions to the world of magic needed to happen pronto. Fortunately, their first magical instructor has already arrived on campus: a vampire who's well studied in the Accords

First Day at School
Character Creation

Orientation at a brand new school – so new it's not even finished. The first handful of students arrive, and quickly get on each other's nerves. Their humorless "den mother" gives them the run down: this school will teach them magic, but resources, security, and privacy are slim. It sounds like a lot of free reign, but they'll have to learn how to be subtle; not a strength many of them have. The clique tries to find their footing in an unfamiliar London, and learn how to put up with each other.

First Adventures

Catastrophic Period

Starring: Tessa Ebner; with:  Lucy &  Maraiah

In a new city, at a new school, with so few women around for the first time, Tessa is confronted with her awkward "hunger" – needing the menstral blood of others. In desperation, she accidentally tried to accelerate Lucy's puberty – but her time wasn't right, and Fate rebounded the spell… onto  Maraiah! Already have transformation magic woven into her, the spells merge into the worst period of a lifetime – ending with explosions. Going to the den mother for advise, Tesla advised her to try presenting herself as starting a pharmaceutical trial to college girls as a way of "feeding" in the future.

Tech Support

Starring: Sonya Ebner; with: Buddy

 Buddy comes to Sonya with a problem – Lucy's broken laptop! Quickly (and quietly), she scours nearby electronic stores looking for someone who can fix and "wizard-proof" a computer. She's able to find, of all things, a  Gremlin tech enthusiast, who can solve her problems and help her plug in to the e-community – if she'll solve one of his. She &  Buddy are able to fight off a lightning golem that was hassling the fae, but someone put of a video of it on Youtube! Freshly plugged in and already internet famous…

[This story could use another guest star]

Blood in the Gutter

Starring: Tyler Denton; with: Buddy

Tyler stalks the city at night, trying to be a super hero. On patrol, he interrupts what looks like a fight between two humans… but turns out to be a turf war between vampires and werewolves! When  Tyler breaks them up and Buddy joins in, it becomes a confusing free-for-all! The vampire,  Conroy, decided to walk away; the kids have a chance to hear that Nigel the werewolf was just defending his territory, and they befriend him in the aftermath.

[This story could use another guest star.]

Story Time!

Starring:  Buddy Holly; with: Tessa &  Lucy

Buddy goes door to door trying to make friends, and walks in to a church group. The  pastor gives him a brief explanation of Christianity, and a copy of the Bible to read.  Tessa &  Lucy tag along to help translate for him and offer support, but put the [[:father-matthew | pastor]] in a foul mood – they are invited to not return, and cast some hexes as payback. Buddy leaves with a book on how to befriend Jesus, but can't make any sense of it…

Be a Hero!

Starring: Lucy Ebner; with: Tyler &  Sonya

Lucy found a man destined to be a hero, if only she could put his fate on the right track. Unfortunately, he didn't believe a word she said. But Lucy was able to learn how to "convince" English people from Tyler, who told the man he was on a hidden camera show and would get a prize if he played along. Once he "agreed" to be part of the Fate Weave, Lucy got Tim to the right place at the right time with an assist from Sonya, whose computer virus got Tim a job offer. And then he did… something!

The Price of a Wish

Starring:  Maraiah Rosary; with: Tessa

While at the college chemisty lab,  Maraiah's brooch was accidentally cleaned up while she was in the showers. Separated from the symbol of her power, she lost access to all her magic… including those which let her walk! This was her first time losing it – her first time realizing everything it gives her. Fortunately – but embarrassingly – Tessa Ebner came looking for her, and was able to track it down.

[This story could use another guest star and an ending note – one that highlights Maraiah's resolution.]


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